ASTM group is a publicly listed company that specializes in energy retail and trading business.

ASTM is planning to offer consumers smart life services with a specific focus on energy management. We will leverage the AI technology and use the the hub that can read electricity from smart meter — both developed by LiveSmart.

Dec 2020

Daito Trust is the LARGEST residential developer in Japan and manages about ~ 1.2 million units in Japan.

Daito Trust chose LiveSmart after evaluating several vendors — LS is a robust IoT platform that can help us create smart rental apartments.

May 2018

Mitsubishi Estate develops and manages residential and commercial real estate. Currently it manages about ~350K units in Japan.

LiveSmart will help us enter smart-home market. We also expect to transform our Residence Club membership services through AI chatbot offering from LS.

March 2019

Energia (Chugoku Electric Power) is a producer and seller of electricity with ~ 4.5 million subscribers in Japan.

Digital social infrastructure services offered by LiveSmart very much fits our corporate goals. We expect to collaborate on smart-life and energy management areas.

Jan 2021

Bridge-C is a crowd-funding platform to invest in apartments & condos. The transaction volume on the platform is ~ $250m/year.

LiveSmart’s IoT smart apartment offering helped us raise capital for a Tokyo apartment building in less than 12 hours.

Dec 2020